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After School Clubs
Bailey, CO

Curious about after school clubs for the 2021-2022 school year? Join us for an after school club and spend an hour experimenting and building. Sign up today!

Friday Clubs
Fairplay, CO

Bailey, CO

Curious about science, engineering, or technology? Join a Friday club and spend the day creating and learning. Sign up today!

Family Clubs
Fairplay, CO

Curious about the world around you or interested in learning something new together? Join us for a family club. Check out our options and sign up today!

Summer Clubs
Fairplay, CO

Curious about joining a club this summer? Do you enjoy creating, exploring and learning? Complete our Summer Club form with your ideas for next summer's clubs.


About the Clubhouse

Cultivate your curiosity to discover your passion. 

Curiosity Clubhouse is a club for all to discover their passion through hands-on learning. Join a club that interests you and we will lead you down the path towards discovery and creativity. 

Founded in April 2021, Curiosity Clubhouse aspires to encourage the people of Park County, Colorado to find their passion through one of our clubs for kids and families. 

Learn, Create, Explore, and Be Curious. Join a club today!

meet the staff



Kristine Helsper

As a former elementary and middle school science teacher with 7 years of experience in the classroom, I'm excited to bring interactive, hands-on learning in science, technology,  engineering, art and math (STEAM) to the area.

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Get in Touch  /  Tel. 719-838-3899

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